Dakota: Induction.

Devin Trez and Dakota Lovell

Handsome Dakota is a good boy and everyone knows it. He’s done so well in the House of the Black Godz that there has never been a question as to whether he would be Inducted as a true servant. However, Dakota is a humble soul. He has never fully grasped how special he is and what kind of effect he has on those around him, so he has a hard time believing that he is one of the top boys in the House. His mentor, Devin, knows all about the boy’s modesty. And while humility is certainly an admirable trait, a boy must know his worth in order to properly serve the Black Godz. Self-esteem emanates and nourishes. The best servants value themselves because they have something to offer. To show Dakota just how important he is to the Black Godz, Devin takes on the responsibility of inducting the boy himself. He even dons the ceremonial cape and mask, demonstrating the significance of the ceremony. There is no going back after this ritual. Once Dakota has been inducted, he will be a servant for life. As Devin approaches him, Dakota is nervous. He’s never seen the man act so seriously or aloof towards him. He can’t even read his expressions because of the mask. Devin grabs hold of the boy and demonstrates his strength. He rubs his hands over Dakota’s limber body and feels the boy’s cock grow hard in his pants. Then, he lays the boy on the altar and probes his asshole with his thumb. Dakota can’t wait to feel Devin’s big cock inside of him, and finally he gets what he desires. Devin barebacks the boy on his side and squirts a load of cum on his ass. Dakota has finally taken his rightful place as a servant in the House of the Black Godz.

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