Dakota: Audit.

Dakota Lovell and Tyjon

Dakota craves a strong male presence and has sorely lacked one for his entire life. Ever since his father walked out on him and his mother when he was only five years old, Dakota has constantly hoped for him to come back through the door and rejoin their family. That day never came, and Dakota was left struggling for male role models to look up to. All his friends seemed to have full family lives, a happy parental unit that was able to provide all the love and support Dakota desired. He wondered why he wasn’t deserving of the same kind of attention. Was it something he did? Inevitably, Dakota started acting out to get the attention of the strong male figures around him. At school he became the class clown, constantly employing a form of self-deprecating humor that was simultaneously shocking and potentially dangerous. He would intentionally put himself in harm’s way, all for a laugh or a reprimand. If he was lucky, he’d get sent to the principal’s office and deal with the most alpha presence the school had to offer. Today, Dakota is grown up, but his struggles haven’t ended. That is why the Black Godz have taken him in. Tyjon has taken a special interest in the boy, designing a punishment to show the boy how important discipline is. Now that he has the attention he has been seeking, Dakota must unlearn his coping mechanisms, one spank at a time. He professes that he belongs to Tyjon and will obey any command he’s given. Then, he lays across the strong man’s lap and endures a series of spanks before opening his mouth wide to pleasure the God’s thick cock. Then, he spreads his legs and lets the hulking man penetrate his tight asshole and teach him with a mixture of orgasmic pleasure and pain as he loses his anal virginity. Dakota's life is sure to take a turn towards the structured after an Audit of this magnitude.

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